The Metro Siargao Water District (MSWD) was formed on January 16, 1978 and was issued Conditional Certificate of conformance Number 056 after complying with LWUA’s minimum requirements for the certification program. It provides potable water supply to the thirteen (13) poblacion barangays of the municipality of Dapa as its service coverage.

Developed in 1960s by the now defunct National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA). It is a surface water source located 14 kilometers away from Poblacion Dapa.

Its distribution and main lines are of cast iron (CI) pipes given by the Japanese government as part of the Reparation Goods for the World War II.

It has the capacity to produce 85,000 gallons which is pumped a reservoir located 2.5 kilometers from the town proper.



Due to pumping constraints only 218 cubic meters of water per day was supplied/drawn.

Further, the CI pipes had become dilapidated and leaked atrociously, causing almost 80% system output are lost and its water quality deteriorated.

In 1976, the TUBURAN Source was closed and abandoned

The present water supply (Bito Source) an underground creek with running water located only 3 kilometers from the town with a maximum yield of approximately 17.5 liters per second.

Developed through a Loan from LWUA amounting to 4.3 million pesos with an equity amounting to P612, 000 from Countrywide Development Fund (CDF) of Senator Robert Z. Barbers and was operational since 2003.

Its pipelines are CI pipes with its distribution totaling to 1.3 kilometers of 150 mm and 100 mm pipes.

In 2001, the LWUA approved the de-annexation of the now Del Carmen Water District, while General Luna has now a Level II Water System.

With the effort of the General Manager, Board of Directors Staff and Personnel the Metro Siargao Water District was one of the recipients of JICA grants/assistance in the amount of 5 M for the Small Water District Improvement Project under the Technical Cooperation Project of Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) from August 2005 to July, 2010.